The Aquatic World Within Everyone's Reach.

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Beautiful experiences on the sea.

One of the most beautiful and attractive activities for the people of Puerto Vallarta is the rental of private boats, always within reach of the aquatic interests of every Vallartense and tourists who visit us.

There is a wide variety, from luxury yachts, motorboats, pangas, jet skis, speedboats, catamarans, etcetera.

I must clarify that this type of services are ideal for birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings, Quinceañeras, incentive or recreational family events.

In addition to the choice of a marine vehicle, there are also the water activities that can be easily found throughout Puerto Vallarta, ranging from Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Water Skiing, Sport Fishing, Recreational Fishing, tours around Banderas Bay, a special beach, tours to Los Arcos, tours to the Marietas Islands and now even trips to the Islas Marias.

Renting a private boat is very simple, it all depends on the number of passengers, some are all inclusive, others only include water and ice, most can take your food and drinks to enjoy your experience to the fullest, or take you to enjoy a good restaurant, in Playa Las Animas, Yelapa, take you to a beach club that now there are many options in the south area of the Bay.

A private rental has its advantages compared to a public tour that already has its itinerary; in the private tour, you choose the route, the departure time, the dock that is closer to your hotel or home and enjoy.

The tour to the Marietas Islands is a little different since it is a protected area and has its own rules, as well as those of the Marias Islands, which are controlled by the Federal Government's Secretary of the Navy. Inside the area alcoholic beverages are not allowed, loud music is not allowed, neither are plastic containers, nor drinks in cans.

If you want to access Love Beach, access is from 10 years old and up to 65 years old, since it is necessary for people to have good swimming conditions.

It is a great experience that every inhabitant and visitor of Puerto Vallarta should visit.

There are boats for all budgets, you choose, the most important thing is to live and enjoy a great paradise like Puerto Vallarta.

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