We Have New Public Transportation Units In Puerto Vallarta.

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The first passenger buses have arrived.

Puerto Vallarta, as Mexico's most important tourist destination, needs to offer the best services to people visiting its top attractions. That's why public transportation units need to remain in good condition to provide the best possible service. In this regard, the Ministry of Transportation and Public Service has delivered 25 new buses as part of the comprehensive public transportation renewal in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

These buses will operate immediately, serving various routes in Puerto Vallarta. They are 25 out of 101 units that will be delivered for the same purpose. Diego Monraz Villaseñor, Secretary of Transportation, mentioned that the brand of these buses is Fotón. Fotón buses are low-floor or multimodal, which makes them much more accessible for people with wheelchairs. Another feature is that the engine has a speed regulator that prevents the driver from exceeding the speed limit set by the regulator. These buses are 12 meters long, model AUV-BJ6123, with quality seating, excellent cargo capacity, safety features, and a larger cabin for the driver.

Since its foundation, Fotón has aimed to create the greatest commercial value for its customers, produce reliable vehicles, and promote sustainable development in society by employing innovative and high-quality products and services. That's why these buses can accommodate up to 35 seated passengers, providing the assurance of addressing the concerns of the Vallarta communities, which often complain about the limited capacity of buses.

The wide doors of these Fotón buses allow passengers to board and disembark with greater comfort. Additionally, they facilitate the inclusion of people with different abilities. The units will have air conditioning and provide a fresher atmosphere due to the spaciousness of their interior. Furthermore, with larger windows, the lighting improves considerably, allowing tourists to appreciate the exterior landscapes.


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