Puerto Vallarta Carnival 2024.

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Colorful Party for Tourists and Locals.

Our city will be filled with festivities, music, and unparalleled dancing. The Carnival, which has filled the population with color and joy since 1956, is back. From February 22nd to 24th, 2024, Puerto Vallarta will experience the colorful celebration, where the LGBT community will largely showcase joy and fun, which, combined with creativity and exuberance, create a great party.

There is a struggle to define the true origin of the word "Carnival". It is said to come from the Latin "Carnevale", which means the farewell to meat that will not be eaten in the following 40 days of Christian Lent before Easter. Or it may be related to the celebration in honor of "Carna", daughter of "Heleno", the goddess of Beans and Bacon. Mardi Gras in French (or as they call it in Italian "Martedi Grasso") means Fat Tuesday and refers to the big meal that used to be made before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins.

In modern times, carnivals have been heavily influenced by social movements in defense of gay pride. In ancient times, in Europe, on the day before Ash Wednesday, attendees wore costumes, disguises, and masks that allowed the persecuted to be free to dress in sequins for a day. Today, our town is an example of a friendly city that, for decades, has been the cradle of respect and honor for those who have always been rejected and marginalized.

The Puerto Vallarta Carnival is held with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and will feature 10 themed stages, a parade, the coronation of LGBT and LGBTXL queens, as well as the Ugly King of Spring. The party will extend from the Sheraton Hotel to the Romantic Zone of Old Vallarta. 20,000 attendees are expected with the aim of impacting international tourism. On February 22nd, at 6 pm, the beauty pageant will be held to elect the Carnival queen, and on the 23rd, it will be the turn of the LGBT community queen and the Ugly King. The official parade will take place on February 24th.

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